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December 14, 2015

Kaibeto, AZ

I am getting transferred. I am very ready for this. I will be going to Ft. Defiance AZ/ Window Rock AZ as a Zone Leader. This is one of the biggest zones in the mission it will interesting to be there in the Chinle Stake. Right now my zone has 12 missionaries in it, from the area I can think of in the Chinle Zone there are at least 22 missionaries. That is a lot! This past week was too long in Farmington. Here is how my time in Farmington for meetings went.
Wednesday arrive in Farmington a little early to do some shopping. Get a call from the Assistants that Elder Robins cancelled on us but will be coming another time. Get really sad. Shop. Elder Snuka gets sick so we head to the AP's house. The Ap's find us there doing nothing and send us on splits. Work, have no dinner.
Thursday wake up and go to the meeting with the missionary department from Salt Lake, 9:00-4:30 with one 45 minute lunch break. Felt the spirit and learned a lot! Went back to the Assistants with a sore butt. Go out for the rest of the day with the Spanish elders.
Friday pack up. Study. The assistants get ready to leave and then tell us that Elder Snuka got invited by president to attend the meeting, the transfer meeting. Me and Elder Peterson sit around from 9:00-4:00 waiting for them to get back. Finally they arrived and we ask if Elder Snuka is the next AP. We see his pamphlet on how to drive the van (which the AP's do). Grill him for an hour in which he denies all of it. Go to the mission office and some things came up so Snuka had to stay. We now work up a plan to explain to the other Elders why he stayed without telling them that he is AP. Drive home for 4 hours.
It was quite the experience. Well here is my new address.
PO Box 203
St. Michaels Az 86511
There is a ton on my mind that I now need to sort out. Thanks everyone! Happy Starwars!

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