Sunday, January 24, 2016

Haunted Transfer

November 2, 2015

Kaibeto, AZ

Well this week was transfers and for as few changes as we thought were happening, a lot did. We thought that this transfers maybe 2 people were going to leave. But here is how it went down. Elder Emery and I are staying the same. I have now been here for 3 months and have another 1.5 ahead of me. Elder Rainey in Inscription House is leaving and opening Kayenta 1st ward. Elder Hancock is leaving page. Elder Bowie in Echo Cliffs is getting transferred, only his first transfer. Elder Erikson is training again. The sisters are both getting taken out and 2 new elders are taking over that area. Lots! Last week we participated in a baby blessing that was an awesome experience, and a first for me. Friday we got permission to go to a haunted house. It was pretty cool, the people who sponsored it are some Less-Active members that are really awesome and we are really trying to get close to. Lots of scary stuff and it was full of people we know, so we went in our civilian clothes so we wouldn't be picked on more than the average person.When you first walked in it was a dark hallway which turned and the Grudge came at you. That scared my companion. Down the hall and through some more scares we went into the chain saw room, who just happened to be someone we knew very well, we didn't know this at that time and we quickly moved to the next room where we were going to slow down for a second. This is when the chainsaw man, Bradley, realized who we were, after all what other 2 white teenage guys would be there and he began to chase us. Finally he stopped and we walked into a corner, then 2 hands grabbed me and started propelling me down the hall, I also knew this person, but it was still freaky. Quite the experience, not usually what you get on a mission, but it gave us a great in with the people. They are super awesome. There are 2 families who ran it and they are cousins. The first one is a husband and wife in their 30's who are super fun and want us to teach them, but they are super busy. The second is an awesome family with 3 boys my age and they are great, and come to church on and off. Some of the boys are more invested in the gospel than others. Well that is about it for the week.
Elder Warnick

To the family: It sounds like quite the week. The brothers getting permits, does that mean they will have licenses by the time I am home? Hallween sounded like a blast, we did pumpkin carving a 2 weeks ago for mutual, we made a Captain Crunch Jack O'Lantern. It was sweet, it looked horrible in the light, but as soon as the lights went off and the candle was lit it was great! Boy oh Boy football! (Kuna going to play-offs) Wow Josh and Ethan, the teachers that would be fun. I am excited for this transfer. Have a good week everyone!

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