Sunday, January 24, 2016

Meeting Some General Authorities

January 11, 2016
Ft. Defiance, AZ

Sometimes as we go through life we find ourselves tired and lost. We seem to realize or at least think we realize that nothing is going anywhere, but I am here to say something different. The time we have in life is such a wonder filled time. How many of our brothers and sisters across the world don't know or have the opportunity to experience the same things that we do. We first have the privilege of living in this wonderful country. Even though at times there is a lot of confusion and chaos there is a stark contrast with the things we know and experience as members of the Lord's Kingdom on the Earth. We know of the things which are past and the things to come. We are led by a modern day prophet who loves and prays for us daily. We know of the Savior's Atonement, the only thing that can truly help us continue to change and progress toward everlasting happiness. However as we know the darkness of life often surrounds us, leaving us feeling helpless, afraid, confused, or lost. We can be comforted knowing that the Lord has got it. When it comes to the Lord's work, don't worry about it, he can handle it. Just do as much as you can. There WILL be times that you feel like you can't overcome and this is how the Lord Tests us to see how we can handle it. Just push through it!

These are some things that I have really come to realize this week. I had the wonderful opportunity of having a few meetings with Elders Neil L. Anderson, Larry Echo Hawk, and Bradley Foster. There were some great things that I learned. First we had a missionary meeting with them which involved just 38 Junior Missionaries and some Senior Couples, then a Large Fireside. Yesterday they came to our sacrament meeting and spoke there as well. Some things that Elder Anderson talked about that will help the church grow is this;

1)Temples and Family History Work
2)Send Missionaries Out
3)Gardens (Being the "Garden Project" in this part of the world)

Keep those things in mind, as you try to help others. 

Elder Warnick

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