Wednesday, July 15, 2015


June 29, 2015

Cortez, Colorado
Hello everyone! Well I am back to the white man world. Things are a lot different but a lot of it is good change. Here in Cortez we live in a members barn/shed it is pretty cool, there are only 2 ways to describe it one with the pictures and the other by the name it is known by mission wide "the Exalted Trailer". I would like to apologize and give you all my real address now. I messed up on the street...

14902 Road 29.75
Dolores CO 81323

So Cortez is pretty great, I do miss the Navajo aspect of things but here everything is a lot different. These are the biggest houses that I have seen for a long time. Normally I would be impressed with some of them but I am especially impressed after being on the Rez for 10 months. So things are doing great. Elder Castro is super fun. He was born in Mexico and then moved to Albuquerque when he was 5. He skipped the MTC but is still a great missionary. He's been out for 19 months. Elder Sessions loves music. Today we found out that we were both Frederick in Pirates. He is a great missionary and has been out for a year. 

So this week was very adventurous. We did some archery with one of our Ward Mission Leaders, Bro. McFarland, as well as helped him stack lots of hay. Oh we also helped him breed his donkey and one of his horses. We threw hatchets at Bro. Derrick's house, a member of the bishopric. We ate pig heart at the Edwards house for dinner. And we did a ton of service, lots of moving and we also helped insulate a garage. Well I guess my final impression of the week is that white people aren't so bad but hey we will see. Have a wonderful week.

Elder Dallin Warnick
Things I did this week:

Pig Heart!

My House

The Outside
Looking Up! (It's easy to see why it's called the "Exalted Trailer")

Inside (His bed is the middle one)

(pretty nice kitchen!)
Trains we live over

The Area

Ute Mountain
My Companions

Los Big Tres (Elder Castro, Elder Sessions, Elder Warnick)

Last Week In Bluff

June 22, 2015

Bluff, Utah

Well everyone this was my last week in Bluff. The call came quite out of the blue, we knew that President Batt was going to call us, but we thought that it was going to be one of us becoming the District Leader. The call came quick and ended quick, Elder Middleton hung up that phone and told me that he was training. We were shocked because we thought that we would be together for quite a while. We waited the whole day in anticipation of where I was getting sent. Well finally at 9:30 the call from our district leader came and he told me that I was getting transferred to Cortez Colorado in the 3rd and 4th wards. My companions will be Elder Castro and Elder Sessions. My address will be

14902 Road 29.75 (mom edited this to the right numbers)
Dolores CO 81323

This week was great we played with some kids and they have a little pond. We were out at the pond when we heard their mother yell "I'm letting Nina loose" the children began to scream and run to the fence that they then jumped on top of. The dog then came runnin in and jumped in the water. After the kids settled down they began to play with the dog, you run in a circle around the pond and the dog will chase you and beat you. The downside to the game for the kids but the upside for spectators is that sometimes the dog will run into you and knock you right into the pond. Finally I joined the game and got the dog to splash a few people. It was really fun. We also had a water balloon fight yesterday. We were at a fathers day / birthday / going away party and then the kids launched the attack. Water Balloons flew in from everyone and we escaped unscathed, then it was on. We all took turns filling up balloons and fighting each other. Luckily mom was on our side and at the end I said okay everyone gets on balloon so all the kids left with their single shot then she pulled out a bowl full of balloons so we could drench he kids. Let's just say we won, well we did until the aunt told us that there was a snake under the back porch and we went to kill it, for it only to end up being the mom waiting around the corner with the hose. Some snake. 

Well I have got to go. A long day is still ahead. I have to drive to Farmington. Talk to you soon