Sunday, January 24, 2016

No shoes?

November 30, 2015
Kaibeto, AZ
So this was a rough week. We had a great Thanksgiving and it was truly such a wonderful time. Well the lady who I talked about last week who showed so much potential is still great but every time we go over to her house a grouch old woman opens the door and tells us to leave. It is super frustrating, I just want to pull her outside and then run in. It well the hard part of the week was the first part of the week not a single door opened to us it was so down heartening. Saturday and Sunday were great though. On Sunday we had 2 great lessons. One of them was a brother who we meet with is super awesome, but he has really been struggling with alcohol. He is a veteran but he had an eye opening experience where he could have frozen to death over the weekend and now he wants to get back into a VA Recovery program which will really help him sober up. So that was great. We also met with a less-active who is trying really hard to come back to church and get her endowments. Her sister was there and that went wonderfully. Her sister is 30 and was baptized in 6th grade. She has such a big heart and sometimes that heart of hers back fires on her, for example 2 days ago when she got her shoes stolen, that is a long story. She feels lost and wants to get back to where she was spiritually at one point in her life. We have a hopeful week lined up. Also we have worked a less active family back to church and their son who we have been teaching is getting baptized! He is 8 and will be a child of record but it is just so wonderful to know that we have helped someone come to the waters of baptism. Here are a couple of this week's sunsets and a random picture of me. Have a great week.

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