Sunday, January 24, 2016

Stinkin' Rez

December 31, 2015
Ft. Defiance, AZ

Well It has been a great week! To get the story out of what happened on Monday--well the internet went down. It didn't just go out but the internet went out on the whole reservation. You know it is bad if none of the businesses can take debit cards because of it. Well Monday night we left for Farmington for our Mission Leadership Conference. All Tuesday we were in the meeting and then right afterward we went on exchanges with the assistants and just got back yesterday. I am am super excited to finally be home!

Yesterday we went tracting and met a pretty great new investigator. He was a missionary for his church so he really respects what we do, and is very open to hear us share messages about the savior. We also had an awesome experience yesterday when we went to a less-active members house, his name is David. So a back ground on him, he is 57, native and well...he is blind. We showed up to his house and got a come in, as we opened the door smoke poured out of the door. Rushing in he said can you help me start the fire? Well we were able to get the smoke out of the house and open the chimney on the stove to give the fire some oxygen and no longer pump the smoke back into the house. We shared a lesson on the Plan of Salvation which really touched him, then he asked us to sing him a song. I felt that we should sing I Know That My Redeemer Lives. As we sang the song the spirit was there in an immense amount, and he began to weep. After the song ended and he composed himself, he told us that after his mother passed away when he was in his teens the Elders shared a lesson and sang that very song. I am very grateful for that opportunity.

Well this is about it for today, we have to be in at 5:30 because of all of the crazy things that people do on New Years. Well Thanks for the Patience with me this week.

Elder Warnick

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