Friday, May 8, 2015


May 4, 2015

Bluff, Utah
This has been the slowest week of my mission. We had nearly everyone cancel appointments with us and it has been a pretty rough week for me. On the bright side at Friday Night at the Fort  (a community event that goes on here) we met some amazing people. The singer was Mary Kaye a County Western singer who lives in Manti, Utah. She is good, I don't know if I told any of you but I fell in love with Country Western music while I was in Arizona. The people that we were able to see are doing great. This week our investigator, Jolanda, who was going to be baptized on Saturday got some other ideas and became pretty involved in the Native American Church. Well I just hate the way that humility is taught sometimes, but hey that's life. Well I've got to go. Love all you thanks for the support.
Elder Warnick

No Title on This One

April 27, 2015

Bluff, Utah

It has been a great week here in good Ol' Bluff Utah. We had quite the slow week number wise but every lesson that we did have was super duper! Our week was very productive, we put a Recent Convert's wife on date to be baptized on the 9th of May. She is very ready and when we have had lessons with Wilbur she knows more about the subject than he does. Another Part-Member family that we have been teaching are really moving along. We are so excited for everything that is going on here. I am doing good, this week I have felt kind of lethargic from eating so much sugar and I going back to  sugar-free (I did it for 2 weeks so we will see). I have also been a bit homesick this week but hey that's life. Last week I hit 8 months... I can't believe that it has been that many already, I am 1/3 of the way done, I guess that time flies when you are having fun. This week we went to Cortez Colorado on Friday at 5:50 in the morning for Zone-Conference and got back at 7:30 that evening, it was quite a long day. I took second place in vehicle inspections again, that is the 3rd time I've never quite gotten 1st. While there we learned a lot about the Atonement and that was quite the edifying experience. While there we also got the Tiwi systems installed in the trucks. The church has invested in them for all of the missionaries. They monitor our speed, and how aggressive our driving is. They aren't so bad and they will be very good for those crazy drivers. Well that's it for this week. 

Love, Elder Warnick

Me in a cool spot over looking the San Juan River

some actual green
Good Ol' Tiwi

Just a picture of the road
The Mexican Hat Rock
My Old Tag and My New Tag

Week of Promise

April 20, 2015

Bluff, Utah
This has been a wonderful week here in good ol' Bluff Utah. We have been working very hard this week and trying to meet lots of new people. We spent a lot of time knocking on doors where I heard that people were very hostile toward the church and they invited us right in and offered us a glass of water and just started talking to us about their experience with the church, whether they be less active members of the church of just people who have met with missionaries in the past. Yesterday I had the opportunity to go out with the branch president, and we visited with different people that he usually does on Sunday and then I took him to a few people's houses who are in the branch both him and I had the chance to meet some new people and to resolve some situations that have been developing with certain members. We did quite a bit of exploring our area this week, now it doesn't make a difference whether or not you make a wrong turn or go down a road that no one lives in because if you do you will come upon a road that connects to somewhere else on the reservation (shortcuts are very important when trying to save miles) or you will come across some beautiful view. It has been quite a blast this week. Bowling last week was a well needed break and it was great. Today we are going to plants a garden next to our trailer in a bare patch at the church. 
We will see hoe that goes. Well that is it for this week I wish you all the best.
Elder Warnick