Sunday, January 24, 2016

Email Again!

January 4, 2016
Ft. Defiance, AZ

It has been a great week in Ft. Defiance. There have been a lot of great things happening, at least when we actually are able to get out of the trailer and work. This week we found 5 new investigators, which is a drastic change from the time that I spent in Kaibeto. On that note Kaibeto is doing super great! Things are going so right in our area, I am very grateful for the Lord directing us to people who need to have their spirits uplifted. The meeting that took up so much of our time last week was a good one. The leaders in the mission (The Mission President, Assistants, Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders) were able to meet together and council together on some of the things that are keeping the mission from excelling, for example this year we had 100 less baptisms than we did last year, we were wondering why that happened. Yesterday I had my very first missionary coordination meeting, where the missionaries and the Ward Mission Leader meet together and discuss and plan out things and discuss the needs of the people that we are teaching and get others ideas of how to help. Well let me just say that is was an amazing meeting! I wish that I could go make sure that EVERY ward in the world would actually have in the first place have a ward mission leader and after have them actually hold that meeting it is super effective. I am doing great, and I am super excited for this coming weekend. We are having some special meetings with Elder Neil L. Anderson and some of the seventies. I hope that you all have a great week.

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