Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Climb

It's Green!

September 14, 2015

Kaibeto, AZ
This week was all about ascent. The area is really looking up which is awesome. Elder Butterfield got his visa after 5 months in this mission and in a week will be off to Brisbane Australia. We have started teaching a couple of teenage boys named Eli and Jaden. They came to church with their aunt/grandma (Navajo relations are very complex) and that is when we first met them. We were able to start talking to them about the Plan of Salvation because the Sunday School lesson that they came to was kind of scary... the signs of the second coming, including the "Battle of Armageddon". Luckily we were able to explain to them that it was nothing to be scared of and honestly to really not worry about it. They are pretty solid kids and have even started coming to mutual. 
We have been having a battle with mice here Kaibeto. At first it was a mouse every couple of weeks and then on exchanges with Elder Butterfield we found one just roaming the house. We trapped him under the stove--where they come in--and then made a wall of binders and put some traps out, plugged up every hole on the outside of the trailer, as well as put out a bunch of ramen noodles (which mice love) with cheese, peanut butter, sunflower seeds and comet on it surrounded by duct tape. This was an attempt to draw him out. In the morning one of the traps was sprung but no mouse... that is until we looked inside and found a hand. We just missed him, the trap was quite scratched up and gnawed on and then we realized, after closer inspection, that he chewed his hand off to escape. The traps then got better, sticky traps were introduced and a more solid wall was put up. We caught 3 mice in the nights following but all of them had 4 feet, so Scabbers (as we named him) is still on the loose. 
Mouse Hunt

Mouse Bait
Updated Mouse Hunt
The other part of our climb is that last P-Day we climbed Navajo Mountain. This was quite fun, long and tiring.  The elevation is 10,348ft but the Prominence is 4,226ft. Quite the climb for some untrained missionaries. Well that's it for this week.

Elder Warnick

Navajo Mountain


A Real Tree

Another Real Tree

Aspens in Navajo Nation

Arrowhead found by Butterfield--We left it there

Eating Cactus

Half Way

The Throne


My Best Selfie Ever

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