Sunday, September 20, 2015


September 7, 2015
Kaibeto, AZ

Well this was a good week. It was a little slow because it is the first of the month so people got paid and left town. Also it was the weekend so people all left. And it was a 4 day weekend so even more people left. We did get to see quite a few people. Okay this week we had another person stop us and ask if we would come by and teach them, hopefully this one is a non-member. We had another encounter this week where we started teaching someone that we hoped was an investigator but they ended up being a member. There isn't really too much to say this week. We had a less-active that we taught this week and before the lesson she was very against the Book of Mormon. So we sat down and found a lot of scriptures from the Bible to teach her the Restoration. After the lesson we asked her if she had any questions.  "No" she said "you put all of it together for me and it all makes sense."  I am very grateful for the way that the Bible and Book of Mormon go hand in hand. Well if there is anything else I will let you know.

Elder Warnick

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