Sunday, September 20, 2015

Week 3 in Kaibeto

August 31, 2015

Kaibeto, AZ
Well 3 weeks have come and gone already in Kaibeto. From all of you I am hearing about school and how great it is for you to be back and about all of the fun that you are having. Well school has started here as well, and that is no so much fun. Now people are gone during the day, people are starting to work again and the most productive time in the New Mexico Farmington Mission is coming to an end.

This week JR the one recent convert that we have moved back to Flagstaff for school. He is a Junior in College and is 18. Jr is fluent in English, Navajo, Japanese, Korean and is currently learning Mandarin Chinese. He is an awesome kid, I am sad to see him go. Well now that I have been out for a year people here as well as myself seem to keep reminding me that I am on the downward slope, I am over the hill. This is more of a motivation than ever to make sure that I am doing all that I can to serve the Lord to my fullest.

This week we had the mission tour with Elder Christoffel Golden Jr of the Seventy. It was a wonderful experience but we were advised to keep the things that the spirit taught us sacred to us and to our calling. However I will tell you of one experience I had with him. He asked that President Adams pick out 2 companionships to come forward and do a role play for everyone. President choose Elder Anderson and I as well as the Winslow AZ Sisters. He had me and Anderson be the missionaries and the sisters be people whose house we were going to knock on. Well I took the lead and we "knocked" on the door and we talked to them. After the role play Elder Golden said "Notice that Elder Warnick is a very seasoned missionary and he knew exactly what to do" he went on to talk about the technique that I approached the women with and then offered some suggestions. Now here comes the cool part, we role-played again but this time I was companions with Elder Golden.
Things seem to be picking up in Kaibeto and I am very grateful for all of the energy and motivation which the Lord has given me this week. Thanks for all of the prayers.
Elder Warnick

Beginning of the Storm

I found a Nintendo 64 in our house

Part of our garden harvest

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