Sunday, October 25, 2015

Must Have Been In A Hurry--No Title

September 21, 2015

Kaibeto, Arizona
Some of the weeks developments. Well this will be my 8th companion in 7 transfers. I will be Training and a District Leader this transfer. So another companion and a little more responsibility. This came as no shock to me this week, because President has previously told me that I would most likely be training this transfer and since Elder Butterfield is going to Australia today there was an opening for district leader. So our Zone will now be as follows.
Kaibeto: Me-13 months...trainee
Inscription House: Elder Rainey-6 weeks...trainee
Lechee: Elder Williams-6 weeks...trainee
Echo Cliffs: Elder Ericson-6 weeks... trainee
Page Sisters: Sis Navarro-13 months...Sis Meza- 6 weeks
Page ZL: Elder Hancock-15 months... Elder Peterson 18 months.
I found out that Polacca is getting closed this transfer. That is pretty sad, I served the first 6 months of my mission there and loved it, so a special part of me is dedicated to the Hopi people. It would be cool to go back in a transfer or 2 and re-open Hopi, but all that I can do is pray for them.
Well Have a good week. I have to go to Farmington.

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