Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Lord Looks Out For His Servants

August 20, 2015

Kaibeto, Arizona
Well first off I would like to tell you that after some talking to the Zone-Leaders it has been decided that we will be emailing on Mondays again, like we should. There was a lot of disobedience in this area of the mission and the Lord has different plans for it so he has filled it up with some new Elders and we are going to work. We will now actually be able to do some work on Thursdays now instead of having 2 P-Days. So on Monday I will be emailing again. Last Monday we came into Page and played sports, then my week of observation was up and a few Elders and I did some talking.
Well it was a wonderful week. Things in the area already seem to be looking up. So far this week we have as many lessons as we did total last week. There is going to be a lot of knocking and a lot of finding going this week.
We had stake conference this week and we were with Elder Larry Echo Hawk of the Seventy and out Mission President was there too. It was such a wonderful experience. There was a lot of talk about missionary work. About how the Lord will judge us based on what we did with what we have. Just lots of wonderful stuff. My 2 favorite quotes from it were- "Lack of Knowledge is the great discomforter" and the other "You experienced miracles, don't explain them away."
Okay now for the highlight of the week. I will keep this short and not too detailed since there may be a legal case. Saturday night all of the Elders stayed the night at the zone-leader's house for stake conference the next morning. We were unloading our luggage out of the back of our truck when the whit car that was parked 50 feet behind us started playing music really loudly. The car then spun out and came straight at the truck to swerve at the last second. He hit the truck, an elder's suitcase and nicked of the elders. The man pulled over and began to talk to us. He was drunk. I talked with him as a phone call was placed to out mission president and to the police. Just before the Police arrived the man started to walk away, to leave the scene. The Police came and talked to us and we told them that the man was down the street trying to leave. One of the officers tracked him down, and  because  the man tried to resist he was thrown to the ground and handcuffed. We gave a report then he was hauled off with a DWI, Hit and Run, and an Assault charge. Only the Elder who got hit and I really saw what happened so we may be asked to testify, hopefully not. The Elder who was hit walked away with nothing more than ripped pants and a scratch in his hip. The Lord was watching us.
Well Have a great week. Will talk more on Monday.
Elder Dallin Warnick

Page District

Elder Warnick and Elder Anderson

Missionaries Serving in the Page Arizona Stake with Elder Larry Echo Hawk (middle back)

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