Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 16 in Hopi / Ya'at'eeh Kesh-Mesh

December 29, 2014

Polacca, AZ

Ya'at'eeh Kesh-Mesh 

Merry Christmas

It has been a wonderful week here in Polacca. The snow has come and gone everyday this week and it is still very cold here, at night it's sitting around 4 or 5 degrees. Christmas was wonderful, thanks for all of the thoughts and gifts, and it was even better because we didn't focus on ourselves but upon others. We spent the day going about trying to talk to people about "He Is The Gift" and gave people we know pictures of Christ as a gift. The best part of my day was when we went to visit a sister whose sons are all with their dad for the Holiday break. As soon as we walked in you see she just needed a visit. We talked to her for a minute and then gave her a couple of different pictures of Christ (because she's awesome) and she began to cry.

Another awesome thing that happened this week was Leroy's baptism. I've been working with him my entire mission and it has been amazing to see his growth. The baptism was awesome but the even better part was to see the family together again. Leroy's son just turned 8 and wanted for his father to see him get baptized so they decided to have the baptism here in Polacca. This is what gave Leroy the motivation to go cold turkey on all of the addiction that he was battling. On Saturday they were both baptized and confirmed, Leroy by me and his son by Bro. Polacca.

Elder Tippetts, Leroy, Elder Warnick, and Leroy's son and daughter

We're teaching lots of lessons and have a lot of people who are wanting to grow closer to their Father in Heaven. We are both doing very well and I am growing each day. I was told my first week in the mission that this is a advanced level course on life. It is so true, not only have I learned so much about myself, but I have also learned so much about others. I can see what kind of thing works in peoples lives and what doesn't. It's kind of funny as a missionary everyone who doesn't slam the door in your face (there are plenty of them) opens up to you and spills their life story to you. I've heard and learned lots out here. Hopefully I'll be able to apply that in real life.

Well that's it for this week. Happy New Year everyone.

Elder Warnick
(This was a reply to Melissa's email.)

Sounds like you all had a crazy Christmas. So many awesome gifts! I'm glad that you are all having a good break. I am also happy Luke likes my present so much. (He gave Luke an Origami Yoda book, Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus,--which is Luke's favorite series right now.) I hope that you have all been having good dreams. (He gave all the boys dream catchers to hang above their beds.) You boys all looked so old I can't believe it! Well have a great week.

What A View

The Beginning of the Storm (also the new truck and the nicely insulated trailer)

Hopi Swag

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