Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy New Year's!

Polacca, AZ

Jan. 5, 2015

It has been a good week here in Hopi! We have been working our tails off and now that December is over we are a lot more productive. December is the time for the dead and traditionally you shouldn't be outside and doing thing especially after dark. We have had a lot of good lessons this week. We started teaching Leroy's nephew. After Leroy's baptism, he came to us and told us that he felt a good feeling when Leroy was baptized and that he wants to be baptized. We have been working a lot with him this week. He and his girlfriend are preparing to get married so that they can both be baptized.

Tomorrow is Zone Conference and have be in Tuba City literally the whole day! It will be grueling. 

New Year's was interesting. We had to be in early because of the craziness that happens. So we had a little party in the church with ourselves. We watched church movies and ate nachos. It was fun and quiet. Then we went to sleep at 10:00. Missionary life is awesome! Well that's about all to report on this week. I'm sure that I'll think of something more during the week. Love you all.

Elder Warnick

 (this is a second e-mail sent later in the day)

Oh it's transfers not this Tuesday (tomorrow) but next week. I would appreciate no mail because I have a good possibility of leaving...

Last week we also tried to go to the buffalo dance (a traditional dance that is meant to bring snow) but it didn't work out. I literally drove through every single village on the Hopi Rez looking for it after we couldn't find where it was in the village that we were originally told that it was in, Kykotsmovi. It was a lot of driving around for nothing that night (but it was new years so that's okay).

The other investigators that we have been teaching are doing really good as well. We currently have 2 on date for baptism one on January 17 and one on February 7. They are both doing very well and will very likely make their dates., We are so excited to be teaching as many wonderful people as we are. And are so blessed to be in this area. We just finished cleaning our truck for inspections tomorrow and I do have to say it looks pretty good. We have had an awesome P-Day and I now wish you all a wonderful week.

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