Sunday, December 14, 2014

Week 13 in Hopi

November 24, 2014

Polacca, AZ

This week was good. I went on more exchanges and the end of the transfer is almost here. Now here is some good news to start this off. After Interviews with President Batt I know that I am staying  here in Hopi Land! It is so wonderful out here and I am picking up on a decent amount of Hopi it's one of the toughest languages that exist (along with Mandarin and Tewa [which I'm also learning a bit of]).

We had our Thanksgiving party this week and over 200 people came. It was a moment like the loaves and the fishes. We don't know how we made that food stretch that far.  We were so busy setting up tables and chairs for the unexpected crowd that we didn't even get to eat before all of the food was gone. 

This week we have had some really great experiences with lessons and investigators. We are teaching 2 very awesome very solid families. Everything is going well with them and it is always awesome to be in a lesson and just have the spirit take over.

Yesterday was the primary program. It went very well. I just love little kids they are so adorable, especially little Hopi kids. I've never seen more adorable kids than our here.

Well we have been very warm in our newly equipped camper. However on Tuesday our pipes in the camper froze then the next day the church pipes froze and broke. But thanks to Papa Ed (Mr. Edwards) (Dallin's Ag Teacher that taught him welding at Kuna High) I know how to solder and I was able to help fix the pipes to the church that same day and we were able to have the water running in time for the church party that night!

I am doing fine out here and I miss all of you!

Elder Warnick

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