Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 15 in Hopi

December 15, 2014

Polacca, AZ

Well everyone on Saturday I hit 4 months...

It has been a good week out here in Hopiland. We are making some great progress with those we are teaching and with those that we are not.  We should have a baptism coming up here at the end of this month. It has been incredible to see him turn from being a known drunk and trouble maker, to living a completely sober life. Now he doing so much better. I have seen his health and countenance change completely. 

This week we had an experience like no other. A member invited her friend over to a lesson with her son at her house. Then her friend came to church this week, and he was the first one there! He spoke to us after the meeting and very emotionally said that "the way you teach and speak is like you personally know God and Christ. You guys speak with power and the spirit, it is so comforting. I just want to know where I can start." We are teaching him tonight. He is such an awesome guy.

As we get closer to Christmas we are trying as hard as we can to serve others, doing anything and everything from chopping wood, setting mouse traps, and fixing leaky roofs. It actually snowed this week! If gave us a break from the fog that we have been constantly experiencing for over a week now. It had been raining for 2 days straight and finally on Saturday morning it turned into a very heavy snowfall. It was funny seeing all of the people going 20mph when they could have been going a lot faster, but I guess that's just because I'm from Idaho and know how to drive in snow. Well the snow only lasted for a few hours but it was here and awesome while it was. It stayed on the mountains in the distance and makes for some beautiful scenery. 

Now here is something strange, we've knocked into a ridiculous number of southerners this week. Elder Tippetts loves it and they do too. They love to talk about things and places back east that I have no idea about. However it is awesome because we've got a lot of people that we've met this week who we really hit it off with. We also got to have a great discussion with a Jehovah's Witness about our beliefs and about her's. We had a good in depth discussion and came out respecting both sides, we also have been invited back to talk a little more with her about what we believe. The best part is that there was a very minimal amount of bashing and a lot more of just talking.  

Well this week has been great I wish you all happy holidays.

Love, Elder Warnick

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