Sunday, December 14, 2014

Me and Tippetts

December 8, 2014

Polacca, AZ
This week has been different than any other. Elder Hooton is gone now and will soon be home, now it's me and Elder Tippetts. We are both loving it in Hopi and are getting along just fine. He is from North Carolina and he brought the rain from there. He says every time that he gets transferred it rains for a couple of days. Well he was right when we got back Tuesday night it started raining and it didn't stop until halfway through Friday, and ever since then there has been lots of fog. I am blessed to know how to drive in foul weather because some of these Arizonans scare me on the roads. I am also driving if you couldn't guess. We got a new truck just over a week ago it is an awesome color of Nissan frontier and right now it is brown from all of the mud that we have to drive through. We have a lot of things in common and also like a lot of the same things so we are getting along pretty well.
As many of you know it was the christmas devotional last night. It was awesome and really helped give me a spiritual boost for the week. I really appreciated Elder Christofferson's talk during it.  Afterwards we had a good branch social. Snacks and fellow-shipping, you can never go wrong with those.
This week we have really been pushing spreading "He Is The Gift" if you guys haven't watched that yet you should it is really powerful.

We have seen some great miracles this week. One of them is a new investigator named John. He is awesome. He used to be a preacher and was also pretty involved with the Kivas. He got in a car accident that destroyed his body and he has been making a slow recovery during the years. He knows so much of what we have been teaching him and it is awesome. He told us that he knows the true church was taken from the earth and many other things that were amazing knowledge! He has certainly been prepared by the Lord.
Well it was a slow week so not much more happened.
Thanks for all of the prayers.
Love, Elder Warnick

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