Monday, December 29, 2014

It's Almost Here!

December 22, 2014

Polacca, AZ
Christmas that is. Christmas is just around the corner. As a missionary that doesn't mean it's much different than any other day except we get to Skype with our families and even less people will be around than usual (everyone is heading into Phoenix).
But what I'm even more excited about that is happening this week is on Saturday. Leroy, a guy I have been teaching my entire time out here, is getting baptized! He's gone through a lot of adversity and has turned his life around. We are so excited for him to be able to make those covenants with our Father and to see him finally reach the goal that he's been working toward for so long.
I went on exchanges this week and got to go to a Christmas program in Tuba City. It was awesome! It was beautiful to see people mixing their culture with Christmas. I heard a song that some kids danced to. It was a traditional song but it was Christmas oriented. "Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Ho ho hooo, ho ho hooo, ehh-ya ehh-ya" and so forth it was so cool. There was another song as well this was the 12 days of Christmas Rez Style.
     1 sack of BlueBird flour
     2 mutton ribs
     3 pieces of ach'ee
     4 fry breads
     5 Kneel-down breads
     6 bags of Pinions
     7 cans of Spam
     8 ears of steam corn
     9 rez puppies
     10 text messages
     11 bowls of mush
     12 bales of hay

The Branch Christmas Dinner went off with out a hitch. There was a lot less people than for Thanksgiving but it was just as good. Lots of fellowshipping and a cute program by the kids. It was awesome.

Well I met my Grandpa this week... Elder Merrill who trained Elder Hooton and Elder Hooton trained me so he is my grandpa. He served in Polacca over 2 years ago and came back to visit. He was at sacrament meeting and very obviously a former missionary (how many other white men in their 20's come to church on the Rez?) Well we got to talking and figured out a connection. He's a cool guy and it was a neat experience, not very many missionaries get that opportunity.

Well everyone I wish you a merry Christmas. Have a wonderful week.
Love, Elder Warnick

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