Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hard Day

October 5, 2015

Kaibeto, Arizona

8:40 p.m. (Super late for the normal missionary e-mail)

Yes I am alive! The details will be coming soon, just give me a few minutes to try to explain what went down today... (:

 9:27 p.m.

Okay so here is the scoop for today. It all started last night when we decided to climb Navajo Mountain again. It sounded like a wonderful idea. We stayed the night with the Inscription House Elders and our plans were as follow.

5:00 wake up
6:00 drive to mountain
7:00 arrive and begin hiking
9:00 summit the mountain and begin studying
11:00 begin down
1:00 finish hike and drive home
3:00 arrive home and email
4:00 dinner
5:00 drive to Page
6:00 baptismal interview for page sister's investigator
7:30 arrive home and teach a lesson.

Well this is how the day went.

5:00 wake up and realize it is raining
6:00 breakfast
7:00 breakfast
9:00 decide that the sky has cleared up enough and drive to mountain
10:00 begin hike
12:00 realize that where we went last time was not nearly as close to the top as we thought (only half-way)
12:10 decide we still have time...
1:00 decide that it is only half an hour to the top.
1:30 realize we were wrong
2:00 walk into a cloud
2:15 get hit by a huge rain storm (that made us fear for our lives)
2:45 summit. Couldn't see anything because of the storm we were in...
3:50 reach bottom and begin our way home
5:00 get home and change clothes
5:15 drive to Page
6:00 baptismal interview for page sister's investigator
7:30 arrive home and have a lesson cancel on us...
7:35 email and dinner

Yeah it was all because of bad planning on our part, poor time judgement, and the storm (which we only got hit by because of our poor judgement).

Lots was learned today. Won't be getting near that mountain for a long time.

So the week since Thursday... has not bee too eventful. We had weekly planning in Friday and then general Conference on Saturday and Sunday. I learned so much from conference this time around, there is just something special about conference when you are a missionary. The baptismal interview that I did today was wonderful. It was my first time interviewing someone for baptism and it was quite a special experience for me. I interviewed a young girl named Shandriana. She was so sweet and she was so nervous that she wouldn't be able to remember the things that she had been taught. Burt she did wonderfully. She is 9 and has a wonderful spirit about her.

Ready For Round 2
Beautiful Day

Into the Clouds
 Also this week is the first of the month and since people got paid on of our faithful members bought us $30 worth of shrimp. WOW. We are very grateful for Virginia.

Shrimp Dinner from Virginia

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