Sunday, October 25, 2015


October 12, 2015

Kaibeto, Arizona

This was a good week. Today we got to tour the Glen Canyon Dam. The one that holds back Lake Powell. But this was no ordinary tour, it was a special tour that a member who work as the head of security for the Dam took us on personally. We got to go to places that normal people don't. Before hand we had to have a background check as well, that was an interesting thing to know you were having done on your mission. Well things are going great in Kaibeto! This week was some of the highest numbers that the area has had for at least 2 years. Tomorrow is Zone Conference in Tuba City, it will be fun to go back again. Hopefully I will get to see some members from Polacca randomly in Tuba City. Saturday was pretty awesome, If you remember from last week the girl that I interviewed for baptism... Well she was a baptized, and I had the priviledge to do that. It was an awesome experience to do that, and also to get into water again. (; Well I can't believe that this transfer is already half-way over. It has gone by very fast. This week we picked up some more people that we have began to teach

(That was the end of the e-mail--then a few minutes later the rest came.)

It's not finished yet!!!!!
they are great! Oh Happy Columbus Day, by the way. No one here seems to care about it, but last year people were angry about it. Some refused to honor it because it was the beginning of the white men in America. Well now I think that I am finished.
Tune in next week for another marvelous Adventure of Elder Warnick

Okay they are as follows

Observation Point, from a restricted area

If you can guess I kind of enjoyed this tour
in the generator room, people are usually only allowed to look from the out side but are not allowed in here

view from the bottom

Into the canyon wall, not allowed here

Secret Places

On the side of the dam, restricted

Our guide touching the generator shaft

 Maybe some day I will take a selfie without awkwardly opening my mouth.

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