Sunday, October 25, 2015

Re: Nice Win Aggies!

October 19, 2015

Kaibeto, Arizona

(Note to the family, but such a description of rain--just wanted to include this)
I am so proud of all of the wins this week, especially the doughnuts! (Kuna and Aggie football wins--family won a huge platter of doughnuts from the Troop 183 auction) This week has been good, I am overcoming a small stomach sickness but all is well. It is really starting to cool down in Kaibeto, in fact last night there was a huge storm. Now normally rain helps me sleep better at night, but not this time. This was one of the heaviest rains I have ever seen, and on our metal roof it was equivalent to the sound you experience when you are standing at a railroad crossing as a train zooms by. Well I have got to go I just thought I would shoot an email to the family while I could. Love you guys!

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