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Comp and Story

September 22, 2015

Kaibeto, Arizona

Well my new companion is named Elder Emery, he is from Salt Lake. Will tell you more next week.

(the following is an answer to a request from Melissa (Mom). The Kuna 5th Ward Primary is highlighting a missionary serving from the ward the last Sunday of every month so that the Primary children can learn more about missionary work and get to know the missionaries from K5 better. So Elder Warnick sent a little story that can "help the Primary children prepare for missions.")
Okay so here is my story for Primary and it is about being Positive. 

There have been times on my mission when it has not looked very good. The area was struggling and other times when it was hard to get along with my companion. We had a big missionary meeting a couple of months ago and we were taught about always staying positive. I tried this. Instead of looking at the things that were negative, bad and sad we tried to look at all of the good things that we were doing. 

We were given a piece of paper that had 2 columns of lines one side was called; 'NEGATIVE THOUGHTS I'VE HAD TODAY" and the other side was called "POSITIVE THOUGHTS". The challenge was to write down all of the bad things that we thought and to change it into a good thought.Well, as I did this I could see my attitude changing and also the way that I was looking at things. 

Instead of being sad and down and thinking, "Why do we have to ride out bikes everywhere? No body is even home." 

It changed into, "I am so happy that I can get some fresh air and exercise and try to share the gospel with other people that Heavenly Father loves." 

The sadness changed to happiness and the rejection turned into hope that we can help someone else. This works at home too, not just as a missionary. When you are sad just think of all of the good things that you do have. When you are fighting with a brother or sister, think about something that you guys did together that made you laugh. Try it out and you will have an even happier day. 

I don't know how long this was supposed to be but here was a try...
(It was an great story. The children were totally silent and listened intently as Melissa shared this with them.)
Me and Elder Butterfield just before he left for Australia

Elder Warnick and Elder Emery of the Page Arizona Zone

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