Monday, April 13, 2015

Yup It's Spring

Bluff, Utah

March 30, 2015
Well as the subject suggests it in no longer winter and that is for sure. We have been going around in some pretty hot weather this week but that wouldn't be so bad if we weren't biking all of the time. This week we did a lot, Saturday we went 8 miles on bikes and 4 miles of walking and still not too bad but underneath my backpack I found that my shirt was soaked through. I forgot how it gets with a backpack on. We have had a lot of progress this week, but not on the reservation, in Bluff. We don't proselyte in the city itself but that is where all of the things we are excited about are happening. We have met quite a few amazing families in the area who were once strong members of the church but fell on hard times and fell away from what they knew, now they are super excited about the gospel. We have a recent Convert here in Bluff of about a year and a half, he got in a motorcycle accident a few year back and really hurt himself. He has some brain trauma and has a hard time saying what he's thinking (the words all just get jumbled in on the way to his mouth). We have been helping him with the sacrament prayers and he has been doing incredible, but now we started an even scarier thing for him. We have began to read the Book of Mormon with him. We was quite scared to start reading again (he hasn't been able to do it for 7 years) but the Book of Mormon is powerful in many ways. He has made a ton of progress in the past 2 weeks more that was ever thought that he would be able to. When he got hurt the diagnosis wasn't good, but he was given a blessing and in it it said that he would make a full recover in this life. He is determined to it and to get there and he is on his way. Miracles come in all shapes and sized. That's it for this week. Keep the faith.

Elder Warnick

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