Sunday, April 5, 2015

Republican or Democrat?

 Bluff, Utah

March 23, 2015
It was very busy week here in Bluff. So this week we were all over the Rez and I had the most lessons that I have had in a week my entire mission, 25. Last week I forgot to tell you that when I was on exchanges with the Zone-Leaders in Blanding I taught my first white person! We also did a lot of knocking on doors this week. We knocked on one door this week and this is the exchange that happened:

     Missionaries: How are you?

     Navajo: What do you want?

     Missionaries: Well we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints      and we have a special message that we would like to share with you about Jesus Christ and his love for you.

     Navajo: Who is Jesus Christ? We don't know him, is he a republican or a democrat?

     Missionaries: I don't think that he is either.

     Navajo: Where is he?

     Missionaries: Probably in heaven.

Well anyways the exchange continued while we attempted to teach him who Christ was. That old Che' didn't know a thing about Christianity, but he will soon. He told us to come back. Sometimes I forget where I am and that a lot of these people don't know a thing about what we talk about. 

This week we did a lot of exploring as well. Of course it was trying to find out of the way hogans, but hey if it just led to an awesome view then that's okay too. We ended up finding some cool ruins and looked around them. While exploring we also found a random canyon that would be prime location for a house but all that is there is oil rigs so I guess they are the ones who scored. Well that's it for week.

Elder Warnick

Monument Valley

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