Sunday, April 5, 2015

Can't Sleep

Bluff, Utah

March 9, 2015
Well as the subject of this email indicates I can't sleep. Not because of anything I do but my companion snores like a bear. I have to leave the room at night and sleep on the lumpy couch on the other side of the trailer with my speaker turned up loud and the music playing and the bedroom door shut, and that still doesn't drown him out enough. I know it isn't exactly following the rules but I have to. Any remedies for a loud snorer? 

Well I have been having a great time out here. The mud has finally dries out and it is so much easier for us to get around this week. We have been riding our bikes out on those dirt roads and that was a much more fun sounding idea than it actually was. I had bruises on my hands and was also bruised somewhere else... boy oh boy that is the definition of saddle sore. But luckily we were paid a surprise visit but the vehicle coordinator and his wife and they just happened to have 2 new bikes in the back of their truck that they confiscated from a couple of missionaries in Monticello. They were nice enough to switch one for mine and it is much much better. 

We are teaching a lot of wonderful people out here. We recently found 2 new investigators who are very good at actually learning what we have to teach. One has been taught before and just remembers from that, he is apparently the lead singer for a  "famous" band on the Rez. They call themselves the Lower Deck Band. The other one who we have met is a young guy. He is just eating the gospel up. He loves it and already is knowing all of what we are going to talk about. We are so blessed to be here in this area.

Well until next week this is Elder D. Warnick signing off

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