Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mustache Pics of Cortez Missionaries

August 3, 2015

Cortez, Colorado

Here's pictures from this week. Followed by an email conversation between Elder W, Mom, and Thayne. Mom and Thayne were busy shopping at Wal-mart and reading the missionary emails at the same time Elder Warnick was in the Dolores Library sending the e-mails.  (smart phones are pretty cool for instant e-mails from the missionary!)

Elder W:
Mustache pics. The Cortez Missionaries

MW: Hahaha! Thayne says that you should forget being a cop. You should just be a P.I. aka Magnum P.I.
Elder W:  Thank you! I thought Magnum PI but my companions both said that I look like Hitler. I guess I can kind of see it in the scary picture of me.

MW: Thayne wanted you to see his swaggin shirt and ties. He's dressing up the first day of school. 

Elder W: Swag!!! Here is me right now wearing one of my purple ties

Thayne: Lookin' good, I'm proudest of thee. :p  Have a great week bro. 

Elder W: U2

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