Thursday, August 6, 2015

Week of Wonders

July 27, 2015
Dolores, Colorado

Well first I would like to apologize for any distracted thoughts in this letter. I am currently at the Dolores Library and I am sitting next to a guy who keeps talking nonsense to himself. It is pretty stinking hilarious. First off thanks for all of the Birthday wishes and other things, it really made me feel like I was at home, the members our here helped with it too and I had a wonderful week.

This week Mr.P whose real name is Paul came to church again. That was awesome. When we saw him this week though we realized that the tables had turned. Instead of us dreading going over there, he can't handle what we are giving him. He can't spiritually digest all of the doctrine that we are showing him and so we have decided to take it a little bit slower with him than we have been. I guess the tactic of Shock and Awe really worked in this case.

If you have seen my birthday pictures from the Cooks' house you will see a woman named Larae. We have been teaching her and her friend and then we found out that the Cooks are friends with her so that was awesome to have her in their home for a meal and then a small lesson afterwards.

We had 2 parties this week for the 24th of July celebration. They were both great. The 3rd Ward party was at one of the member's lake. We barbecued and just had a blast. Well everyone else had a blast. We just sat, ate, and watched everyone else swim. The 4th ward party was Friday evening and we had a pig. But before that we helped some member butcher the pig which was an awesome experience. They even gave me the heart so I cooked that for lunch on Friday.

Well that's it for this week thanks everyone.

Elder Warnick
One of my companions really like Pokemon, so he assigned all of us a Pokemon and drew them.
Cortez District Pokemon

Temple of Doom


Cleaning the Heart
Cooking the Heart
The Final Heart

Birthday at Home
Birthday Dinner with the Cook Family. Sister Cook said, "Smile! This is for your mom." And Dallin gave her his typical birthday grimace--that he saves just for his mom.          

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