Wednesday, August 5, 2015


July 13, 2015

Cortez, Colorado

Well the past couple of weeks have been full of some interesting people, not all of them are necessarily crazy. Everyday we go to the nursing home and visit Bill a recent convert with Parkinson's Disease. He is such a great guy but some of the people there are there for a reason. We were walking in one day and there was a little old lady sitting in her wheelchair near the door, as soon as we stepped inside she began to scream "Help! Help me! Please save me! Get me out of here!" We just hurried our walk and hoped that one of the staff would take care of it. But on our return from visiting with Bill there she was again and a very similar thing happened but we tried to stop and talk to her again, but with no avail since her response went something like this "What!? What!? I can't hear you! My ears aren't good!" We has to just wave and walk away. That broke our hearts, scared us and made us laugh all at the same time. But the story doesn't end there, later in the week when we returned there she was again yelling the same thing to us.

On to the next one. We are teaching a guy who I will not name. I will just call him Mr. P.  Well, Mr. P is very well versed in the scriptures, in fact when we met him he had a fully marked Quad (Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price) and he believes in and abides by the principles taught in them. Well here is where it gets interesting. As a wee lad he was baptized by the hand of the Lord in the Waters of Mormon (Lake Huron he believes it to be) at the age of 17 he left home and all he had and traveled the country 7 times preaching the word of God. He grows a grade for charity and also grows medical marijuana for those who can't afford it and gives it away for free to them. Oh he also has one of the 16 Jaredite stones. It is a 35 pound crystal that posses a positive and a negative charge which supposedly allow it to glow under the correct conditions. Well it is pretty interesting all of the things that he believes but we will continue to go over and to teach and talk with him. It seems every time that we do so he gets more and more down to earth. As of now he has committed to be baptized once again, this time by proper Priesthood authority, and it is planned to happen in the "Living Waters of the Dolores River". We have some very interesting things happening here, please continue to pray for me.

Well that will be it for this week.

Elder Dallin Warnick

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