Sunday, June 21, 2015

Talks and Tornados

June 9, 2015

Bluff, Utah
So let me explain why I didn't e-mail yesterday. We were driving to the fort which is not a quarter mile away to put our laundry in when suddenly we heard a pop and then our truck started making so really loud sounds. After some inspection by myself and a senior missionary we concluded that a bolt had broken and the exhaust had disconnected from the engine so the muffler was no longer attached and the fumes were now all coming straight out of the engine. We made a phone call to the vehicle coordinator and explained what we thought happened and then got in the truck and started the long slow drive to Farmington (slow because out check engine light was on). We got there and switched out the truck for another Nissan Frontier which is a model year newer and white. Then we began the drive back. We stopped in Montezuma Creek where we had dinner with a member family there. Then we came back and went to Family Home Evening at the Fort. One of the couples invited their granddaughter to come down and do the FHE for the night. She just returned home from her mission a month ago and she shared some experiences and sang a little for us. She is an amazing vocalist and had a great mission in Winnipeg Canada. She talked to us afterward and it turns out that she served her whole mission on the Reservation up there. We got talking about natives and missionary work and then her father had to pull her away. It was great to finally talk to someone who is young, not crazy, a member and not a missionary.  

It was a great week in Bluff! Finally all of the potential that I have been talking about for the past few weeks has clicked. This week we had 16 lessons, what is so great about that is not just that lessons have bumped up by an incredible number but they have all been extremely meaningful. This week we started meeting with a Part-Member family most of the family are non-members but the the parents and the oldest daughter are members. They are very involved in the Native American Church, this is usually where I tend to loose a bit of hope, but they are very ready to change. They committed themselves to pray about coming back to church and were very excited to hear that there is a service on the Rezervation so that they don't have to travel so far. Another miracle with that same family is that when we went over on Saturday the daughter had gotten married. She had previously been living with her boyfriend for a few years but one day they felt that needed to get married so they did.

We had some crazy weather down here last week. Lots of rain and other storms. We had a tornado come through on the reservation and really thrashed the roads. The weather was crazy and we are supposed to have an equavilent storm tomorrow, we will see what happens. The roads being so bad made them quite muddy and when we started going through what seemed to be a 30 foot long puddle turned out to be a 90 foot puddle that was pretty deep, halfway up our door. We were blessed to make it through that one without getting stuck. Well that is all I  can think of for this week.

Love, Elder Warnick

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