Sunday, June 14, 2015

Butter-gate Scandal

May 18, 2015

Bluff, Utah
Saturday was the end of the transfer and we got our transfer news. I will start by saying that I will no longer be conmpanions with Elder Gifford, and then make you read the rest of the E-mail to find out the rest. (:

It has been a wonderful week here in Bluff, things have really been picking up here. This week we were blessed to make some progress with some people who had previously declared themselves as "hard tops", meaning that they are not convertibles. One of them was Wilbur's (a recent convert) brother who is very traditional. We started to talk with him as usual just making casual conversation and he brought up the loss of his daughter and we expressed that the wounds that his family has from that can be healed through the gospel and told him a little bit about the plan of salvation, he was so impressed and very touched and he said "my grandmother used to tell me the same things when she was still alive and I never believed her, but now that you have told me I believe, because I know that you speak the truth". This week for me was truly one of the tender mercies spoken of in the scriptures.

We had some real fun this week, this was the week of the 'Butter-gate Scandal'. We had an elder in White Mesa get his visa and head off to Brazil a week before the transfer, now here comes the fun part, an elder came in and took his place. Now this all seems normal but the trick is the fact that everyone but our District Leader Elder Butterfield knew. We had our district meeting and they walked in, it took Elder Butterfield 10 minutes to see them and then he was shocked. "Where's Elder Hardy?"
he asked. "Well," one elder replied "it was a miracle that we were able to get him life flighted to Salt Lake before his spleen exploded." Elder Butterfield was shocked then we all lost it and started laughing our heads off and told him the real story. 

Okay now for the rest of transfer news. No sadly Elder Gifford did not get his visa, he is getting transferred to Chilchinbitto, Arizona. I will be staying right here in Bluff and my new companion will be Elder Middleton. 

Well that's it for this week, have a wonderful week.

Elder Dallin Warnick

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