Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Quite A Week

January 19, 2015

Polacca, AZ

Well everyone this has been quite a week. It started out with us going to Winslow to go to Walmart to go shopping. I'll tell you what I am terrified to leave my area because that will mean the possibility of being in a city and it is freaky driving around there! And one way streets are especially confusing. Well anyways our shopping trip went well and we were able to make it back to the Rez without any problems. Earlier that morning we were at the gym working out and we were approached and asked if we were the new firefighters. I guess that's what happens when you can actually move some weight around in the gym.

The next couple of days that followed were great. We ended the week with 7 new investigators and the attendance at church was awesome! There were over 90 people attending our branch and 13 of them are investigators. 

Wednesday was pretty awesome. It had rained almost all day Tuesday so that means mud. We got a very energetic call from a member and she needed our help, she got her little Mazda stuck in the mud. Good thing we carry shovels in our truck and don't care about how dirty we get. We spent the 2 hours following pushing, digging and slipping before we could finally get the car the quarter mile down the road to where it could actually drive on it's own. The end result of this was wonderful lesson with this member's son who is very torn and seriously contemplating the church, since the traditions have become so corrupt. We left Second Mesa and made the horrible choice of taking the old mission road down the side. Usually it is just cool to drive on, it is a gravel road and consists of a cliff on both sides one going up and the other going down. Well all was well on the way down until there was a random patch of mud that was very slick. our truck slipped and was sliding sideways down the road, but thanks to some urgent prayers in our hearts I was finally able to get the truck back under control and not slip off the edge. The end result of that day was a very, very muddy truck.

The next day was district meeting, and we drove to Tuba City in our Muddy truck. We had a wonderful meeting and learned a lot, but when we came out there was a note on our truck from one of the Senior Sister Missionaries on our truck telling us to wash it immediately. We left in a bit of anger but washed our truck at the car wash in Tuba. After the other missionaries had a discussion with her they found out that her husband had tried to get her to relax because he saw the shovels in the bed of our truck and knew what we were doing, but she didn't listen and took a picture and sent it to our mission president. Luckily he knows what we do as missionaries and nothing bad came from that.

While we were getting our truck washed we were driving up to the gas station and saw a missionary. This is the sequence of thought that went through our heads;

     Hey it's Elder Beck! 

     Wait why is he in Tuba?

     Hold on where is his companion?

     What!? He's with a girl! Who is she?

     Their getting into the same car! What is going on?

     OH, wait he's going home... it's his mom.

We got out and talked to him and his mother and he was touring the mission before going home. Boy oh boy it was a confusing few seconds.

Friday I was sick and it was not fun. I had lots of stomach pain and the next day was not much better. We got some hamburger and hamburger helper form our neighbors and decided to make it. Let's just say I remember why I don't eat that stuff now.

Well that's just some of my week. I hope that you all have a wonderful week as well.

Love, Elder Warnick
Oh Leroy our Recent Convert also got the priesthood this Sunday and is a priest.
This is what our New Years consisted of.

Elder Warnick and Elder Tippetts
Elder Warnick on New Year's Day 2015

and there is some random slush from a snowy day
Not A Tasty Slushie

and yes there was actually snow here
Real Snow! Jan. 1, 2015
Here are some pictures from after we were getting the car unstuck 

Attempt at being happy

Attempt at being stoic

okay just the truck
This is my shoes from after pushing the car
Muddy Shoes
all of my shoes 

My shoes
a sweet tie pin. My nickname is Hoonaw or bear because I am so big compared to my companion and he is a cougar, lean and small.

new tie pin

The final is a basketball I kind of popped while trying to dunk

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