Monday, January 12, 2015

Burglary and 6 more...

Polacca, AZ

Jan. 12, 2015

6 more weeks that is... transfer news came and Elder Tippetts and I are both staying in Polacca for 6 weeks more weeks. I am so happy that I still get to be here. I will get to see 2 more people that we're teaching be baptized in the next month. We have been having a lot of fun here in Hopiland and have had some of the best numbers this past couple of weeks that this area has ever had.

We had zone conference this week and it was awesome! We learned a lot of new ideas and even received some awesome revelation for our area. One thing that we are starting to do now is to bring  up the Baptismal Interview Questions the first time that we meet with people so they know what we are trying to help them understand and learn.

We have been teaching a lot of lessons lately and are finding all sorts of new people to talk to. This week we found an investigator that I was teaching in the past. He was in Winslow for a couple of months, now he's back. He has been reading the Book of Mormon, stopped using drugs and alcohol, and he really wants to be baptized! 

Well I am officially a burglar.... A member of the Branch was out of the country for a couple of weeks over the Christmas break and his house was empty. We have taken care of his house in the past setting fires to make sure the pipes don't freeze. Well he hadn't asked us this time but we knew that it was getting down to single digits a few nights, so we went over and started a fire a few nights. Now here's where it gets interesting. When he got home his neighbors told him that people had been breaking into his house while he was gone. He looked around and noticed that nothing was missing, but he decided to fill out a police report anyway. He was about half way through the report when he thought he should call us. I answered the phone and after a minute of discussion telling him that we couldn't reach his phone while he was in Ecuador and that it was us, all was well and he was very grateful to us for taking care of his house. We've now learned that next time we do something like that we will leave a note if we can't reach them. We are so grateful for the prompting he received to call us. 

Well that's it for this week.

Elder Warnick

Editorial notes:
This picture is the Kuna "boyz" of the New Mexico Farmington Mission with President Batt. They were at zone conference together on Jan. 6, 2015.
Elder Dallin Warnick, KHS '14 and Elder Tanner Patterson, KHS '13. 
Dallin was super excited to open his call. It was only a few minutes after opening it that he remembered that "T-Pat" is serving in this same mission. The news traveled fast and Elder Patterson's mom contacted Dallin and gave him Elder Patterson's e-mail address. They e-mailed back and forth several times before Dallin left. It was very helpful too. One thing Elder Patterson told him was to bring everything on the list clothing wise. He'd need it. It's already proven to be true!
Kuna Boyz with President Batt
 These two pictures are from October 2014. He just sent them today.
Elder Warnick and Elder Patterson

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