Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week Two in Hopi Land

September 15, 2014

Well this week was pretty good. Yesterday I gave a talk about discouragement and how to overcome it. I talked about the Israelites and how they wouldn't do the simple things to heal themselves of the fiery serpents (and yes dad I also used the Guinea Worm). I talked about how we must do the simple things and fight like dragons (Mosiah 20:11) against the things that are pulling us down.
We worked on a Recent Convert's sons house this week. He is not a member but we and another member were over there helping him. We had to rip our the floor to the foundation and clean out the rat poop, fill in holes with concrete and begin laying the floor once again. Afterwards we went back to Ralph and Flo's house (the recent converts) and had dinner. Malia the 2 year old girl, who talks really well loves us, but she didn't recognize us in normal clothes. When Hooton tried to pick her up she scream "Mommy! Save me!" it was hilarious.
Another funny thing is this... Bro. Linarte's mother is visiting, they are from Nicaragua. Well Sister Kamka, the senior sister missionary, asked Brother Linarte (who is engaged to a woman who doesn't live here) comes up to them and says "Oh is this your fiancee?"  He sits for a second and the replies "No, this is my mom." That was one of the highlights of sacrament meeting.
The other is that Ted came. He is a 25 year old that we are teaching. We had a lesson with him later that night and he loved church. I see a baptism in the future. However he does have some struggles when we taught him on Saturday he was giving himself a tattoo. we need to work on some stuff still.
Well there is nothing to do here. We are so isolated and only go into town (Tuba City) for district meeting on Thursdays. We have to drive 1.5 hours one way, it takes a lot of working time out of our day. It's been raining a lot here but it's nothing compared to Phoenix.
Well before I close I'll leave you with a thought. When Peter, James and, John gave Joseph Smith the priesthood how many of them had died? The answer is 2, one of them had been on the earth because he was given eternal life...
Well that's it for this week from Polacca and the rest of Hopi.
(The following is a p.s. e-mail sent about 10 minutes after the first.)

Also I have been really blessed in the past because Hopi food is very bland. I also see giant ravens all over the place. Well anyway...

Elder Warnick

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