Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 3 in Hopi

September 22, 2014

 Well first I would like to say that this was the coldest week so far. It rained for 36 hours straight a couple of days ago and has been down in the 40's a couple of times. We catch all of the weather from Flagstaff and all of that has been coming from the Hurricane that hit the Baja California area. About the food, we don't have set dinner appointments, sometimes people call us up and we eat with them and the Hopi like to invite us in and randomly feed us when we knock. But over all we have 4 or 5 meals a week.
Well this week we had another investigator at church, Leroy A. (he's the one who hated the plan of salvation, but we got him straightened out) he also has a baptism date, so that's good. We went to K-town and did some tracting this week, well this is where the Rez dogs are mean. We were attacked by 6 and at one point we had a group of three surround us. Luckily we were able to make it through unscathed. We tracted into a Sioux Indian (married to a Hopi) named Bro. Morningstar he was a member but lost his faith after he was a Navy Seal sniper in Afghanistan and had to "take care of" children who had C-4 strapped to them. He's scarred from that, but he's also a really good father. He has 10 kids and none of them misbehave, we were there for an hour. He told us that when they fight all he tells them is fight a different kid at school instead, that way they'll just be bullying a different kid, apparently it gets the point across to the kids.
Well this was the first week that I've thrown-up my whole mission! It was only once, I'm doing a good job at controlling my anxiety.
Well here is something for you we have mice! We walked into our trailer and saw one climb into our air vents. My area and companion hold the mission record for the most mice caught,18 in a week, so we know what to do and will soon be rid of them.
We harvested form the church gardens on Saturday. The church has a program which my stake president started where they have gardens sponsored by the church and it helps people become more self sufficient. People have them at their houses and there are some at the church. At first Salt Lake didn't like this as a use of church funds and sent a member of the 70 out, but once President Justice showed him around they copied the program and now use it world wide. Well anyway we harvested 400 lbs of potatoes and also some onions and carrots (the onions were nearly as big as my head and the carrots were as big as my forearm). We spent most of yesterday handing them out to needy families.
This week was zone training and these are my favorite quotes from it.
"Like Moroni we must fortify our weaknesses and then focus on our strengths" -President Justice
"A missions is a 2 year refiner's fire on the highest setting" -Elder Tippetts
And my favorite one was told to Elder Tippetts and he shared it with us. "Elder you are work in progress. I would smooth the road out ahead of you, but the best sculptures are made with the sharpest tools"
Well that's it for this week.
Elder Warnick

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