Sunday, September 21, 2014

First E-mail From the Mission Field

September 2, 2014 


I got to Farmington yesterday and today I was just assigned my trainer Elder Hooton we are serving in Polacca, Arizona on the Hopi Reservation. We live in a RV and the closest store is 1.5 hours away! But we do drive a Toyota Tacoma (it is really an awesome truck). I'm so excited but at the same time really nervous. My pinkeye is all better now. It is really dry here though. I went tracting for the first time last night and my first door was a Buddhist Lady with a dog named Obama. We were in the white ghetto part of Farmington and they were all kind of redneck. Most of the people shut us down and one didn't answer but I think he came out with a gun a few minutes after we were there because he thought that we were snooping (that's what happens when you tract at 8:00 at night). We did talk to some really amazing people thought and we even set up an appointment. I can constantly feel the spirit with me and I still feel very comforted. We Have to wear suits from conference to conference (unless it's over 70 but it's really not too bad). The area is Beautiful and I am just super excited. 

My P-day is Monday.

My mailing address is 

Elder Dallin Warnick
PO Box 832
Polacca AZ 86042

Here's something AWESOME!!! Elder Holland is coming to my mission on Saturday!!!!!! I am so excited. 
Bruce and Thayne keep up the good work! I Want you to keep pushing yourselves hard. Don't forget to do your homework, read your scriptures and pray. 

Hunter keep your head up, I really miss you buddy!
Luke I hope that you are feeling better, you are in my prayers.

Thanks for the cards. I love all of you!

Elder Warnick

Sorry no camera is in Arizona and I am in Farmington...

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