Monday, September 22, 2014

Polacca Pictures

Pictures from Polacca

Sent on September 22, 2014

Church Gardens that are right by the church and their home

The Mission Truck--a Toyota Tacoma. Church building in the background.

Elder Hooton and the Dukepoo kids all playing Sorry. It looks like Elder Warnick might be losing, if he's blue.
Our Current Home-which is right on the church property too.
 The next three pictures all appear to be taken from the exact same spot. You can spot Elder Warnick's knee in the bottom of the pictures.
They use the big white board for planning.

Elder Warnick gets the top bunk. They have to drink bottled water too. The Rez water could make them sick.

Not a gourmet kitchen! But at least there is a microwave, fridge and stove.
Soon to be home. The Elders will be moving over here in a couple weeks. Looks like a nice upgrade for them! It's just across from their current home.

The View!
First Mesa

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