Monday, June 13, 2016

Another Great Week

February 1, 2016

Ft. Defiance, AZ

Well things have been going pretty good this week overall, we had an interesting day this week. It all started when we took David "The Blind Guy" out to a lesson with us. That was fun, he kept getting in the car backwards, and walking all the wrong places, but we made it work. Then we went to give a blessing at the hospital (which we did everyday but 2 this week) it was a unique experience. We went and checked in, as we went into the hospital room a nurse ran over and stopped us. She told us that we had to suit up. We put on gowns, gloves and masks. The little girl was terrified of us when we walked in, but we gave her a blessing and she did improve. Then we did quite a bit of service chopping wood and helping others move. Later that night we got the prompting to go and try to visit someone as we drove over there we found them in their Chevy Impala, trying to get up a very icy and very muddy hill. We got out and then worked our tails off to get them up the hill, we ended up very tired, very muddy, and with a return appointment. The priesthood is truly amazing, especially with the power it has comfort and to heal, I am grateful to bear that sacred mantle.

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