Saturday, October 4, 2014

Stormy Weather

September 29, 2014

Polacca, Arizona
This week has been great. Leroy came to church again and he is also working on his word of wisdom problems. I have no doubt that he will make his October 25 baptismal date. We went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and we blitzed our area. Elder Hooton and Elder Nishimoto knocked all day in K-town and Elder Scoffield and I went to a couple of lessons and knocked in Polacca and Kemes. We had a lesson with Leroy and President Povatah (member of the stake presidency in our ward) came with us. They have a very similar background and he was able to share some personal insights. Another awesome part of that lesson was when I asked President how the Book of Mormon has blessed his life he started to talk, it went on for 15 minutes but the best part was that half of it was in Hopi! We couldn't understand it except for a few words I know but the spirit was there so strongly in the room. We also taught some other good lessons and found lots of potentials.
So there were some HUGE storms out here this week. Saturday was the biggest though, we easily got 2.5 inches of rain in 3 hours. The wind was so bad that it ripped a metal shutter on our trailer off after it was mangled in the storm. The lightning was so close that it lit up all of our windows at once and the thunder was shaking our trailer.
Now that wasn't the only stormy thing that happened out here. We got a call in the middle of the week saying that we can't move into the single wide because there is a new senior couple coming down for a few months from Canada while their house gets worked on. We were distraught, but after a talk on the phone with President Batt we cleared some stuff up, there is a possibility of them coming. They have a choice between Polacca, Tuba City and another area, and they may not even come down at all. So we have a glimpse of hope (and while no one is living there we have a shower that we can stand up in, water pressure too).
We have Zone Conference on the 8th of October and we get a special treat. We get to see Meet the Mormons before it is released. I am so excited for that. Even better news we also got an e-mail from President telling us that we will have our i-Pads before the end of the year, the specific date will be told to us soon. This is really nice because he is against it, if it was up to him I honestly don't think that he would let us have them at all and I would have to wait until June when we get a new Mission President. But luckily it seems that Salt Lake has Forced it upon him.

Well that's all for this week in Hopi, we'll see how the housing situation pans out.
Elder Warnick

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