Monday, October 13, 2014

180 Flip

October 6, 2014 

Polacca, AZ

Well this week was awesome until Thursday. This week I got to go on exchanges with my district leader Elder Riley. We had an awesome time and some really great spiritual encounters.
Elder Hooton and I have been working hard and we are teaching a lady, Madeline, who is loving the Book of Mormon. She's kind of embarrassed that she is reading so much, but it's awesome! We went to her house Sunday between sessions and she had BYUtv on. She was watching conference.
Now the 180 flip is where our entire area turned around in a couple of days. We were doing hot some really good investigators and a couple of baptism dates for this month. Now we don't have any dates. One of our investigators who had a date is in Phoenix in the hospital. The other one was absolutely wasted when we went to visit him. We dropped by again yesterday and he was on the couch with a pillow over his head. He looked at us when we knocked and then covered his head back up. Our other good investigator is in jail. Hopefully he just beat someone up and it wasn't drugs of alcohol, because those would get him another year minimum. It was a disheartening week, but thank goodness for the atonement.
Well other things are going well. I'm leaning more and more Hopi. And this week is Zone conference. Well learn more about i-Pads and get to watch Meet the Mormons.
Conference was amazing! We have lots to share with the investigators that we have left. And the treats were awesome, thanks mom. the Dukepoo kids liked them too. (They are about the only kids who attend our branch).
Fun fact... we have a full size gym in our church. But we only have 4 classrooms, and our chapel has only 5 rows in it.
I am feeling great but October is getting cold. Our RV doesn't hold heat very well and we don't have the heat functioning in the RV, this is because of the Carbon Monoxide Poisoning scare where a couple of Elders got really sick a few months before I came. Never fear we check our detectors each week. Well anyways we have 2 space heaters which we crank up to 80 and when we wake up it is somewhere between 60 and 65 in our RV.
The new senior couple is coming at the end of this month.They are currently serving in Canada but have to move while their home gets worked on. Some reason they are coming here but hopefully they'll be awesome!
Well that's it from me in Hopi this week.

Elder Warnick

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