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I'm a MONKEY / Week 7 in Hopi

October 20, 2013

Polacco, Arizona
Well everyone I'm a monkey. A district leader monkey... We got a call Friday night and knew something was up because it was President Batt. He gave us some news. Both Elder Hooton and I are staying in Polacca! And then he called Elder Hooton as District Leader, and because of that I have my title (the companion of the DL is called the District Leader Monkey).

Well this week has been a lot better than last. We hardly had any lessons, but we have been able to get back in contact with most of those investigators who we lost. And good news our other investigator gets out of Jail today! Hopefully he will have been humbled by this experience and will be willing to commit to baptism.

I was supposed to speak in church again yesterday but it didn't happen. We had the whole Stake Presidency there and they released our Branch President, President Funk. Now the President is President Wallace, he is a white guy who is a Judge for the Tribe. It will be different because he doesn't really know the people or the culture as well as Funk (who has lived here for 35 years). It will be good though. There is a different level of organization, he really wants to get people to the temple, he has hope the the Hopi people will come to see the light, and he is really excited to use us and to work with us as much as he can.

I saw my first real road runner this week. They are quick little buggers. This week I also saw some Kachinas (well the Navajo ones I don't know what they call them). We were eating at Pizza Edge in Tuba City when there was a knock on the window and there were 5 kachinas. They opened the door and then the workers there gave them a sack of flour. The Navajo fair was going on so that explains their presence. All of the kids in the restaurant were terrified though, they thought they were the Yetis (the discipline kachinas), and if the kids were misbehaving they could have been spanked by them.

We did a lot of service this week. We chopped woods (as the natives would say), we dug a 40 foot trench for a propane line in super hard Arizona soil. And we helped put in a stove (everyone uses wood burning stoves for heat). When we put in the stove I finally got be a chimney sweep. Ever since the first time that I watched Mary Poppins I've wanted to do it. Well let's just say that movie makes it look way more fun. But the blackness of the face it completely true. (I'll send pictures next week, my camera is dead so I can't hook it up to the computer).

This week has been really fun and I can't wait to spend more time here in Hopi.

Elder Warnick


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