Sunday, November 16, 2014

Death by Pizza

November 10, 2014

Polacca, Arizona

The first thing I have to say this week is never ever get the Little Caesar's Pretzel Pizza. It is disgusting. We got one last week and both got sick from it. It doesn't even have pizza sauce on it but cheese sauce instead. Just thinking about it makes us sick.

Well this week was really slow for us. We were hardly able to get any lessons. One day we had 8 set appointments and we ended the day with 0, they all fell through. It is really hard on the Rez, since a lot of natives just go with the flow and don't plan for things. Our senior couple is great but they don't know their place yet. There is a culture barrier between the US and the Rez and then one between Canada and the US so they are still trying to figure things out. They also don't keep appointments. We were supposed to go to a lesson with them and they weren't there to pick us up. We talked to them later that night and found out that they were in Winslow. We can only hope that they can figure this out with time.
We gave a blessing this week to a 15 year old girl whose family we are really close to, just before she got life-flighted to Flagstaff. Her Pancreas, Liver and Kidneys had shut down. She got to flag (Flagstaff, AZ) and all that they had to do was remove her gall bladder and then 2 kidney stones. Thank goodness, it was very scary for a time.

Well this week I broke a promise that I made to myself over the summer. I swore never to paint again. But this week I painted 2 houses. I guess that it is a talent or something that I must share with the rest of the world. A professional painter who we were doing this with actually commented on how good I was at painting and said if I ever need a job that he'll hire me on the spot. So yeah...

We have gotten our cold nights figured out. We have insulated the trailer better and have even more ideas on what to continue to do to make it winter proof, so no need to worry about that anymore. 

Now the funny story. Elder Barrett asked a brother for his last name. This brother then looked at him and said, "Wow that's the exact same thing that my ex-wife asked me. We all lost it. Boy oh boy the people out here have quite a sense of humor.

Well that's it for this week Love you all.

Elder Warnick

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